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About us

Bargain Book Hut (BBH) is a unit of a heritage publishing organization founded in Mumbai over 6 decades ago. We have 15 retail stores across 6 cities of India and house titles ranging from health, fiction, non-fiction, art, history, photography, cookery and children’s books to name a few.

Now BBH is spreading its wings to reach out to the complete population of India by going online…BARGAIN BOOK HUT ONLINE….. Since BBH is only in 6 cities pan India, has now made it possible for the populous to avail of the insane bargains that we have to offer from any corner of our country.

Every week a specially curated section of titles covering most subjects are introduced. In fact there is a section “Deal of the Day” where titles are introduced only for that one day only but at a much lower price than it was introduced earlier in the regular weekly sections. Eg.: Big Book of Knowledge with an MRP of Rs. 899/- offered at a bargain price of Rs. 499/- may come with a sensational further reduced price of Rs. 399/- ONLY FOR ONE DAY in the section “DEAL OF THE DAY”.

To amaze you further there are also sections “More than 80% Off” i.e. less than 20% or less value of the MRP….it’s worth taking advantage of by anyone, anywhere, at any time, but, till such titles are available on the site, as these fly off very fast. Time is of essence on Bargain Book Hut Online.

No site has an extensive range of “Multivolume” sets like we do, eg Roald Dahl 15 volume set, Agatha Christie’s best selection of 3 volumes etc, Paulo Coehlo’s best in 5 volumes etc., etc.

Bargain Book Hut Online also specially makes up “Amazing Package Deals” by putting together similar subject titles in a pack, again at offers unheard of. There are still more sections to delight the visitors on our site with rock bottom prices and excellent collections.

The biggest attraction of our offering is the ‘Latest Mass Market Bestsellers’ section, where in the Pre-Booking” section one can avail of discounts of upto 50%....found nowhere else, online or offline! Imagine getting the latest titles of Chetan Bhagat, Jeffrey Archer, Shobhaa De, John Grisham, Amish Tripathi at heavy discounted rates….only on pre-booking the same before its release….again with time limitations ending on their release.

One will have to get addicted to visit this site DAILY or at least once every week…lest you wish to miss out on the many promotional offers.

Our broad range of titles caters to all eclectic tastes covering widely popular topics such as – Art, Design, Health, Cookery, Philosophy, Management, as well as niche subjects such as Astronomy, Gardening, Fashion, Photography, etc., etc. We also stock the latest bestsellers at high discounts. The Children books category has the widest variety always.

It’s a virtual bookstore browsing and shopping experience at BBHONLINE. Now, you do not need to look anywhere else online and offline for the Best Bargains or the Latest Bestsellers….we have made it so simple for booklovers to shop only at Bargain Book Hut Online from the comforts of your home.