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Cometh the Hour (The Clifton Chronicles)

Jeffrey Archer | Paperback | 528 pages
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Description : Cometh the Hour opens with the reading of a suicide note, which has devastating consequences for Harry and Emma Clifton, Giles Barrington, and Lady Virginia. Giles must decide if he should withdraw from politics and try to rescue Karin, the woman he loves, from behind the Iron Curtain. But is Karin truly in love with him, or is she a spy? Lady Virginia is facing bankruptcy and can see no way out of her financial problems until she is introduced to the hapless Cyrus T. Grant III from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who's in England to see his horse run at Royal Ascot. Sebastian Clifton is now the Chief Executive of Farthings Bank and a workaholic, whose personal life is thrown into disarray when he falls for Priya, a beautiful Indian girl. Meanwhile, Sebastian's rivals are still plotting to bring him and his chairman down. Harry Clifton remains determined to get Anatoly Babakov released from a gulag in Siberia, following the international success of his acclaimed book, Uncle Joe. But then something unexpected happens that none of them could have anticipated. Like the previous Clifton Chronicles novels, Cometh the Hour showcases Archer's extraordinary storytelling and trademark twists.

Product Details

Publisher : Griffin
Publication Year : 2016
Language : English
ISBN : 9781250091789
Categories : FICTION/NOVEL
Product Dimension : 3.2 X 13 X 19.7 cm
Weight : 0.36 kgs



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Customer Reviews

| sampath******* |
A great book from The Clifton Chronicles, my favourite series from my favourite author. This instalment from the series is refreshing change from the earlier book. Many twist and turns making the plot more exciting. A skillful writing and story telling by this great author.
| bhaira****** |
Four stars for this novel. Continuing with the immpecable story-telling only Jeffery Archer is capable of, this part of the Clifton series has it’s interesting twists and turns alongwith a small Indian angle. The suspense, intrigue, romance kept me hooked to it till the very end. I have now ordered the next title in this series from my favorite Bargain Book Hut website.
ASHIM KUMAR tamang | ashi**** |
Cometh the Hour: Review: Three strs: Got totally involved in the plot of the novel. One more wonderful rendition of the good, that displays downright ugly side of greed, corruption by privileged people in contrast to the decency in other people in the same position. I became so engrossed in the story that I became anxious for the characters in danger as they are real in front of me. Honestly, I didn't even want the evil, cruel and greedy, Virginia to lose out completely in her father's Will. I pitied her cosshe had no money and no skill to survive.

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